Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Top left - softener; top middle, is mayonnaise (not just plain mayo - this one is with lime - others are with lemon; top right - that's the soap you use to wash your dishes - no dishwashers at all, and you must wash with gloves, because it's a killer on your hands. Middle - tomato sauce. Bottom left - you guessed it - boxed milk; bottom middle - BIG tomato sauce (only costs $1), and bottom right - apple juice - comes powdered, you mix it with water.

So, you think shopping sometimes can be difficult in the U.S. Many places, Costco, Winco, Safeway, the best place to find the best deals. Here is no different. However, it comes with a twist - not only are there many times you find yourself saying - what the heck are you buying? What is that word? (no picture on the package). What the HECK is that crazy looking fuzzy red fruit thing? Even more fun - you would be so surprised what comes in bags. Not boxes, not bottles, but bags. Why you may ask? We can only assume it's cheaper to make, and since it's cheaper to make, it's cheaper to purchase.

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