Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Day in the Rainforest

a sloth
a toucan
a butterfly on Madison's finger
Madison got to feed a coati (cousin of a racoon)
a poison dart frog
a howler monkey

Today we joined a group from our school on an all day trip through two portions of rainforest. We took a very pretty boat ride down the Sarapiqui River. Our guide had a keen eye and pointed out some great wildlife. After the boat trip we went to La Paz. This is a series of beautiful waterfalls. At this site they also have an amazing amount of beautiful wildlife. Above are pictures of many of the exotic wildlife we saw on our adventure today.


Tscharke Photography said...

Hey Great pics! Lots of Diversity!!

The Nolls said...

that frog looks too pretty to be poinsonous... sadness. Great pictures, though! beautifiul!