Saturday, January 16, 2010


In my previous post I talked about the Disaster Response teams our mission agency has. What I didn't explain is something very different in how we approach disasters. We are NOT a first-responder team. I know this is when all the "excitment" is, but we also have already seen what happens when a country is over-run with relief agencies. So we wait. We send in an assessment team to evaluate where we can be used. After that we start sending teams in. We don't set up "camp" and have people come to us - we set up camp in refugee camps - and typically in refugee camps where aid is not being reached. So, we wait. Right now our assessment team is unable to get into country because of the congestion at the airport. They are debating going into the DR and driving over if things don't clear up so we CAN get in country. And so I (not so) patiently wait :-)

Mike is finishing up his time in Arizona, and will be returning home on Monday (YEAH!!!!!!). Also on Monday, we have two families coming in on a vision trip to La Ceiba to determine if La Ceiba is where God is leading them to come serve. So, prayers for them and opening or closing of doors.

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