Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Update #3

The assessment team from our organization has completed it's assessment, and are returning to the States as we speak.

On Sunday, they were able to assess Dikini Camp, a tent city outside of Port-au-Prince. With this new information, they feel that medical teams should serve there. At Dikini Camp, our team will run a full-fledged clinic.

Our team will be based at Quisqueya School, which is now the Quisqueya Earthquake Crisis Center (QCS). We will most likely sleep in tents and eat meals there. Because of safety, we cannot stay overnight in the unofficial refugee camp.

American Airlines is providing flights for relief efforts into Haiti. There is room for a 14-person medical team on a relief flight out of Chicago at 7 am on January 29.

Please pray for the assessment team that they can get a flight out of Port-au-Prince today, for safe travel, and continued logistical planning. Please also pray for Christina Davies. She is the MTW staffer who coordinates the logistics, travel, and medical supply procurement for the medical teams.

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