Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So today we finished up doing things around our house before our ministry starts back up. Mike took a drive out to a city about 2 hours away to help a local pastor move some things to his new church. I finished packing up our Christmas things so our house is looking like it's ready for the new year. We have clinic this week, then Mike leaves for a few weeks to the States for a missions conference, and to spend some time with some of our new team mates, The Troxell's. They are currently support raising and are hoping to join us after the next year (must attend some training then language school first). When Mike returns, we have two families that will be spending a week with us on a vision trip to see if La Ceiba will be their future ministry site. All in all, our year is starting off with a bang, and we know it's not going to stop! We have our two new properties to start developing, teams to welcome, and lots to do! Welcome 2010!!!

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