Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scholarship Kids and ESL

We have, once again, knowing that God will provide all the needed funds, took the kids we are going to scholarship for school shopping for school supplies, uniforms, etc. School starts in a few weeks and we wanted to have time to get out and purchase what we needed, and be able to go additional times if need be. After 5 hours and about 30 different stores, we ended up with all the supplies, books, uniforms, and shoes that they need. Take a look:

Everything is still in bags and boxes because there was a LOT of stuff.

Walter, Alicia, George, and Nancy

English class continues to go well. We have a pretty good number of kids that continue to return each week. As school starts in a few weeks it will be interesting to see if those kids will continue to come, but those that are - are really starting to learn some things.

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