Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti – A Trip Of 10,000 Miles Begins With A Single (mis)Step

Mike blogging for Erin.

Erin began her journey to Haiti this morning. Lord willing, she will serve the relief efforts there for three weeks.

She will be traveling all day and night today. La Ceiba, Honduras to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Miami to Chicago, a five hour lay over and then a 5:30am flight from Chicago to Haiti.

Those of you who know Erin well will like this story…it is so Erin: In the last two days she packed and unpacked her three bags five times. She had a detailed inventory typed out, checked the weather in Haiti four times, weighed her bags six times, put all her important documents in plastic wrap, in a zip lock back and in her fanny pack…you know, all the good things a type A would do. Then this…

The picture below was taken at the La Ceiba airport, just five feet from our truck…literally, the first steps of the journey. What you don’t see in the picture is Erin’s water bottle (one of the most important things to have on a trip like this) sitting on the ground just out of frame to the left. Erin got out of the car, dropped her water bottle and started walking to the airport. Ahh…my nearly perfect, big hearted, clumsy and forgetful angel. Please pray for her.

For our Lord Of The Rings friends, “Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?”


Cristina said...

Such a cute story. Thanks for updating us! Praying for you both!

Dannie said...

I'm such a goober! I read all these blog entries and didn't notice the caption. But my answer is, "It'll either be on the right or the left. I don't know." HA!