Sunday, January 3, 2010


So here we are, at the tail end of our little vacation. All in all we had a nice relaxing time just being together as a family. Christmas was fun, New Years nice, and Madison got to spend some time with a few girlfriends. Currently she is up at her friends house - an hour away - on a weekend sleep over. I'm trying to shake this cold that has lingered on in my body, and realizing that my body is not as "springy" as it used to be. I'm struggling to read tiny print anymore, and have found myself a little more tired each morning. Ah well - I'm here where God has placed me, and I know that He will provide.

The end of the year has us reflecting on things we did in the past year, but also allows us time to look to the future. In December we placed a down payment on two properties. The first is downtown where we will be building team living quarters for short-term teams that come, a big multi-purpose building for street children's ministries, and outreach things, etc. The other property is in Armenia Bonito where we will be building a church, soccer field, clinic, etc. This upcoming year has a lot of things we will be doing along with our on-going ministries, hosting teams, etc. Busy year (but that's nothing new). Welcome 2010!

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