Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Update

Late yesterday afternoon a flight opened up for our assessment team from our mission organization, MTW, and they went running for the airport with minutes to spare. A Haitian Air Tran worker stopped one of the flights from leaving when she heard they were relief workers. They had to run 10 gates and barely made the flight. As they ran, she yelled "Go help my people!" They boarded a small flight into Cap-Haitian airport in northern Haiti. They will then be traveling 5+ hours over a dirt road to get down into Port-au-Prince. As soon as they get a report back from the assessment team, they will start planning the immediate follow-up group and multiple groups after that. The plan is to be there for a long time. Again, our organization is not the "get in there and get out" kind of group. They are the "get in there and stay." MTW's Disaster Response Ministry is not a first responder ministry. It is intended to come along side a church or missionary and provide long term tangible evidence of Christ's mercy through word and deed. So, pray for the assessment group, my preparations to leave, and the people we will be serving.