Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster Relief Ministry

Our mission agency, Mission to the World (MTW), has within it, several different ministries. The first and foremost is the process of church planting. Along with that as the primary focus there is a Street Children's Ministry, and a Disaster Relief Ministry. Teams have been to countries all over the world responding to disasters with medical and construction teams. Honduras, The Philippines, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, just to name a few. Quoting from their web page:

"MTW's Disaster Response Ministry (DRM) is a unique area of ministry that is both physically and spiritually demanding. Our volunteers respond rapidly to calls around the world to bring medical care, crisis counseling support, and engineering/construction assistance after a disaster strikes. We partner with church planters already in the field to strengthen church plants and gain access to areas that may not have been previously open to the gospel.

What makes DRM different from the other numerous relief organizations? We respond as a small, self-sustaining, mobile unit that allows us to set-up and live in the refugee camp with the refugees. This opens up incredible opportunities to show the eternal truths of the gospel…even in closed countries that otherwise would not have been accessible. Our prayer is that even in these extreme circumstances, God will use our hands to show His love to His children."

MTW will be sending out an assessment team ASAP, and shortly after that follow up teams to serve in Haiti. I am on the short list to go. Those are all the details I know. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, the teams that are on-ground and on their way and the lives they touch.


Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary said...

wow- Erin! I hope you do go! I cannot think of another human being that could do a better job of loving, comforting...and medicating.. the people of Haiti during this time. I love that your ability to tend to their physical needs could bring you into a place to attend to their spiritual ones.

Praying for you, and for all of this.

Cathi Duggan said...

Awesome....praying for you. Brian may be on a plane with our relief arm on Saturday--if there are any scheduled flights...just an assessment, as we go in for longterm development in conjunction with existing churches....