Saturday, January 30, 2010

Erin In Haiti – First Full Day Of Work

Mike blogging for Erin.

Just heard from Erin at the end of her first full day of working in Haiti. Their 14-person team spent eight hours today hosting a medical clinic at the Dikini Camp. It is now estimated that the Dikini Camp has swelled to 12,000 refugees. The team treated over 300 patients today. The most predominant cases are pain (from impact or falling debris), dehydration (from lack of water in the area) and urinary tract infections (from drinking bad water and poor sanitation). Erin reports that it is 95 degrees in their medical tent. They are receiving perimeter security from armed U.S. Soldiers.

Erin’s primary tasks have been running the pharmacy and administering all of the injections. There are no latrines at the Dikini Camp, so the 12,000 inhabitants and MTW’s Disaster Response Team have been relieving themselves in the nearby woods. This is causing a major sanitation problem.

Their home camp, located on the grounds of what used to be the Quisqueya School is inhabited by over 125 aid workers. They have dirty water for showers and are purifying water for drinking. Everyone is sleeping on the ground.

Prayer needs: 1) Erin was inadvertently stuck by a dirty needle today. Pray for her long-term health. 2) Hydration and heat issues for the relief workers. 3) Praise God for the cooperation and appreciation of locals.

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Craig said...

Hi Erin & Mike - Thanks for the update, we've been praying for the team and will continue to do so. It was good to get some specific requests and reports. Blessings, Craig, Stacy, Karis and Aimee Pohl in Quito!