Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm leaving on a jet plane...I cliche - but it's true! Tomorrow I head out on a long trip, with an overnight stay in Chicago where we will catch the American Airlines Relief flight out to Haiti. I know this won't surprise anyone, but we continue to hear about illnesses, diseases, hunger, problems in accessing clean water, and the stench of decaying bodies in the city. I feel privileged that the body of Christ stands in prayer over what is going on. My pastor from the States, Reddit Andrews, called me today to pray with me, and then the ladies in my bible study laid hands on me and prayed over me. Although no one saw it, I was moved to tears over the love that came from these special women who have come to mean a lot to me. What a blessing to have this group of believers near me to rally around one of their own!

Please continue to check my blog for updates. As Mike hears about what is going on he will be updating my blog for me.

Love to all!

Serving Him where I can - Erin


Cristina said...

Hugs and lots of prayers! So glad you were blessed today with the support and care from those around you - and far off who are still reaching out :)

RiLes said...

Prayed for my friend and a member of my small group that i believe will be on your team, Kelly A. Such a small world we live in...moved to durham from Desert Palms Church in AZ and met someone who knows your family and now will be serving alongside of you in Haiti. We prayed for everyone on your team tonight and for team dynamics. Will continue to do so...Please give Kelly a big hug from her small group girls! -RiLee

The McClain's said...

Prayed for you this morning my dear friend...wish I could lay hands on you as well and give you a great big hug...but here I am and there you are so here is my prayer for you...
"Dear Father in heaven, I ask you this morning to be with my dear friend as she heads out for this long trip. Give her your strength to do the job you have called her to do. Give her your eyes to see what you want her to see. Give her your heart to minister to those whose lives you've planned for her to touch. Give her your words to share your love and your Son with those whose hearts you've already prepared. Protect her from disease, from fatigue. Guard her heart from feeling the heavy burden of all she will see- take it from her that she may be released from it. Enable her to do the work there that you have called her to. Be with Mike and Madison in her absence. Give Mike the strength to fill the role of both mom and dad, as well as ministry leader and servant. Give Madison the understanding and compassion for your plans and the hurting of those in Haiti. Thank you for their willingness to share their wife and mom. Thank you for Erin and her sweet heart and willing spirit to do our work wherever you lead her. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.