Monday, August 27, 2007

We have arrived in Costa Rica!

Mike on Vonage talking to friends back home from our new Costa Rican home.

16 bags into the car. Hard to see - but there are 3 layers of duffel bags on top of that car!

This has been a day of firsts! Whew!

We arrived to San Jose, Costa Rica after getting almost no sleep on the plane (plane left at 0100) in the morning. Our 16 bags flew through customs without a hitch. Getting them on the vehicle that picked us up - they say - a picture speaks a thousand words...

Arrived at our apartment - it's small, but clean, and cute! We immediately ran off to go get some lunch, and over to the grocery store for some needed items - household goods, food, etc. Came back, and started unpacking.

My firsts:

1. traveled with 16 bags (didn't fall down any steps this time)
2. Living in Costa Rica
3. cooked rice for the first time (hey - I've always had a rice cooker - why bother?)
4. washed the dishes in cold water (no hot at the tap), with Lye (only thing around here that works with cold water)
5. Spoke my first Spanish to a national
6. Survived through my first 8 hour downpour (it's the rainy season here afterall - supposed to be like this every day!)
7. Cooked on the worlds smallest stove
8. Called on my Vonage phone back home (it's a local call afterall :-)
9. Made my first blog from Blogger - but it's all in Spanish!!! Don't know how to change it!! Luckily I have most of the locations memorized - I can't read Spanish yet! (HELP!! Anyone out there know how to change it back to English?!)

Anyway - I'm sure there will be many more first tomorrow, but wanted to share a few today.


Ben said...

Erin, I'm not sure exactly how it will read in the Spanish, but if you go to your Dashboard page (via the little Blogger logo at top left of your blog front page), there's a little pull-down language selection menu under your profile picture.

(You want "inglés.") :)

Congratulations on your arrival, and thanks so much for all your continued encouragement. I may not be so far out from departure myself. God bless your language learning and preparation for Honduras.

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

Hey Erin, its Bobbi Jo from MTW, just think this time last year we were at DRT training digging for landminds or ok looking for the fake ones. its good to read about what's up in your world and where the Lord is leading you guys.