Tuesday, August 21, 2007

6 more days

Kelsey and Madison

Chad and Mindy

Emily and Madison sleeping over

With only 6 more days, the spending time with friends and last minute tasks are being done. I'm thinking this is really like preparing for a wedding. Making a list of friends, packing, prepping the house, getting the license (Visas), bachelorette parties (movies/dinner with friends), and being stressed out and in a mild state of panic at all times. Okay - maybe I'm stretching it a bit with the analogy, but the stress level is definitely high. I just don't feel like there is enough time in one day. Plus the fact that we have live Typhoid virus in my refrigerator! I'm getting us all immunized before we go - so we are taking oral live viruses. Sigh...it will soon be over, and on to our next adventure...but for now we continue with meeting up with friends. Were at our friends Mindy and Chad Hertzell's. Long time friends, and their kids Kelsey, Emily and Sam. Emily came over for a sleep-over, and Min and I went out for a movie. The boys just hung out.

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godstallhelper said...

my best friend emily. we stade up till 1:30 am watching a movie