Saturday, August 25, 2007

one day and counting

All our worldly possessions - from a two story house down to this :-) has come at last. Two years of training, 8 months of support raising, and a lifetime worth of preparation has come down to the last day of being in the States for quite awhile. Looking back it's easy to see how God has prepared our family every day of our lives to prepare us for this moment. How easy and peaceful it was for us to sell our house, and most of our worldly possessions. When it comes down to what's important - what do you keep and what do you give away? What do you sell and what do you throw in the trash (we won't go into specifics of what may have accidentally made its way into the dump...). What is worth selling on e-bay and on Craig's list. What do you no longer have an emotional attachment to? It's interesting looking at things you DO have an attachment to. All the photo albums, and baby stuff for Madison. That's a keeper. But that coffee mug?! Yep! My honey purchased it for me, and it's perfect! It's coming! Those kind of decisions are very insightful. So, here we are - a picture of our worldly possessions - and it's sure not much to look at! Going-away party with the family today, church tomorrow with going-away's there - then off to the airport! It's finally come! More later from Central America! Adios!

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