Thursday, August 9, 2007

Arizona - Thursday

My "little" friend Dannie (she's only 5' 2 1/2" tall after all - Madison already is looking down at her)

My happy friend Jeff - makes some awesome latte's

Madison and her dear friend Liam

Nick - Jr. in High School

And we can't forget Daisy!

We took this day to enjoy a little that Phoenix has to offer - the 108 degree weather, and the nice cool theaters! We enjoyed Rescue Dawn at the movies, and the kids had fun playing. We are going to a dinner tonight with some folks from a church we are being financially supported by. Our time in Arizona is more than half over, and is coming to a quicker ending then we would have thought. We are sleeping on air mattresses, and miss our beds, but enjoy our time here so much. The pictures above are friends Jeff, Dannie, Liam, Nick, and Daisy.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for all your love and support....and the prayers, oh boy we love your prayers! Hope all is well with you. We look forward to reading more on your blog. :)

godstallhelper said...

awww! dasey! se is so cute