Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome to 3rd world culture!

Well, it's been a day filled with learning about the culture. I mean that because we went out to a mall on our own looking for things. The interesting culture tip of the day: NEVER slam car doors. Apparently Americans are notorious for slamming car doors. Check it out next time you get out of the car. I didn't realize how much I did it. Well, Tico's (nickname for someone from Costa Rica) HATE it! As a matter of fact, when we rode the taxi home (it was pouring rain!) the taxi driver told me in Spanish to leave the door open, and that he would close it :-) I wasn't offended in the least! Just another example of differences in culture.

Our internet is down at home - we do have access at school, and that's what I'm using, BUT we can't plug our memory card into the computer, so no pics today. So sad :-( We are still waiting to get internet at our home. We have been able to get wi-fi off of our neighbor for now, but he's currently unable to get on his internet. Sigh...

Had a placement exam today to see what level of Spanish they are going to put us in - we find out next Monday, and start our schooling on Tuesday! We can't wait!

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Lucy said...

Erin love hearing about all your adventures. I am jealous we are not there with you but hopefully we will be there sooner than we know it. We are praying for you guys. Have fun at school tommorow Maddy!