Sunday, August 19, 2007

7 days and counting!

Three generations (Madison, my mom and me)

My two favorite men...hmm...I'm thinking they look alike! (Mike and my dad)

AARRGGHH!!!! Only 7 days left before we leave!!! Today Mike had to go speak at our last church, but Madison and I had the chance to be at service at Soaring Oaks - our home church. And, the best news yet - my parents were able to join us! It was an awesome service, and my parents felt very welcome. "No wonder you go to this church. It's so alive!" This from my dad :-) We felt very blessed to be able to share our church family with our own family :-) We then took a quick jaunt home, spent a few hours showing the car off (trying to sell the truck), then met back up with my parents for dinner. Had a nice time of chatting, eating, and just spending time together. It was the last time we will be seeing them for awhile - other than through pictures and through the Internet. A tearful farewell, but one with good tidings and love!!!!


godstallhelper said...

i lovw my grand ma and grand pa but im afraid they are nto belevers so i hope all who read this that my grandma(penny) and my grandpa(don) willbeleve

Anonymous said...

We will pray for them!! We love you bunches!
Jess & Aaron