Friday, August 17, 2007

Saying goodbyes!

Josiah, Jonathan, and Madison

Madison has made it her endeavor to try and set up play dates galore for her final week. The first was with Josiah, her good buddy from church. They have so many things in common from Bionicles, to being homeschooled, to just laughing and having a blast. Tomorrow she will be spending time with another friend from church, Linnea, another engagement on Monday, and a sleep-over coming up. Whew! What a busy social calendar this girl has. We are also taking this opportunity to say goodbye. We met with some friends today, Shane and Sarah, who are moving to the Bay Area on Monday. We have another dinner tomorrow, and more in the near future. Oh yeah - and we are packing, throwing things away, giving stuff to Goodwill, trying to sell the car, and Mike has another speaking engagement on Sunday...Yikes!!! Will it never end?!

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