Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Settling In

This is a view from our front door.

Our apartment. We are in the grey - top right.

Here is a quick video tour of our apartment in Costa Rica:

Today we went to orientation for Madison's school which starts tomorrow. We drop her off, then our orientation starts. Madison is THRILLED to be starting school tomorrow - she wore her backpack to orientation just to "get used to it" :-) After that, we did some MORE shopping for things to help our place feel a little more like home. Believe it or not, we still haven't gotten everything - but we are much closer. Not bad for day 2. Riding the taxi today was quite fun - speaking only in Spanish we somehow managed to get where we needed to go.

New firsts today:

1. Made red beans on stove top
2. Taxi ride speaking only Spanish, in Costa Rica
3. Walked to our school, and managed not to get lost (Mike led the way - but whatever)
4. Being shocked by our refrigerator...everytime I open it (remember - it's a 3rd world culture).
5. Stapled my foot (don't ask)
Something to consider: We flipped through the channels of our local TV station and caught Dora the Explorer on a local station. Hmmm...we thought...a children's program that teaches English kids Spanish - in a Spanish speaking country, it just seemed odd.

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