Friday, August 10, 2007

Arizona - Friday

Madison on Gus with Lobo by her side.

Is it okay to have fun while you are on itineration?! Well, we sure did last night. We had the opportunity to have a fellowship dinner at one of the elders houses from one of our supporting churches. They are on a 2000 steer head dairy farm. In the almost 6 hours we were there, Madison and I had the opportunity to ride Gus (see picture), went frog hunting, found 2 huge bull frogs, Madison held a chicken, jumped on a trampoline, went swimming, played on a huge playhouse, saw a newly born calf (born 3 minutes before we got there), and had a great BBQ meal. There were tons of kids for Madison to play with, and we had the opportunity to talk with a lot of great people. Tonight we have another dinner with a supporting church.

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godstallhelper said...

and it was really fun too!