Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Erin NOT In Haiti – The Eagle Has Landed…And Is Cold

Mike blogging for Erin

Erin and the MTW Disaster Response team have left Haiti and have landed safely back in the U.S. They landed in Atlanta, GA before 8:00pm local time. The rest of the team members have gone their separate ways and are headed to their homes. Erin will be staying in Atlanta for a couple of days while she awaits her flight back to Honduras.

Erin is scheduled to land back in Honduras on Thursday afternoon.

When they left Haiti it was 90 degrees. When they landed in Atlanta it was 28 degrees.

Pictures and videos will be posted on this blog as soon as they are available.

Praise God!

Prayer needs: 1) Pray that Erin and the team all receive good rest tonight and tomorrow. 2) Pray that there are no long-term health problems with any member of the team. 3) Pray that Christ is glorified by the actions of the team in Haiti.

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