Friday, February 12, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Riots, Rain And Protests

Mike blogging for Erin

Erin enjoying a moment.

Patients stacking up to be seen.

Erin and the MTW Disaster Response team are healthy and doing well. They have been able to sleep well, shower and eat healthy. They had another productive and steady day at the medical clinic.

The team is very organized and knows how to get things done. Their Disaster Response Training has prepared the team to step right in and be able to work on the same page, even though everyone just met each other. Many cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are showing up. The two counselors were very busy.

The United Nations (UN) came to distribute food again right next to where the team has the clinic set up. Last week there was rioting centered around the issue of food. This time the UN brought guards along with them and there were no problems. The team has asked the UN to distribute food away from where the clinic is held.

It rained for an hour yesterday morning. Everyone is concerned about shelter for the refugees and the possibilities of disease outbreak. Most people simply have blankets or a sheet as their “tent”. According to the UN, only 25 percent of homeless Haitians have tarps or tents; in one temporary settlement, 40,000 people are living in makeshift shelters that are not weatherproof. Approximately 1,000 people were involved in protests Thursday morning demanding tents for the rainy season. The Haitian government has said it will prioritize shelter.

Esaie is the MTW Pastor and Haitian national the team has been working with from the beginning. His truck was rendered inoperable after the earthquake. Adam, one of the MTW team members, fixed Esaie's truck. It isn't 100% but is better than it was before.

You can start to see a difference in Port-au-Prince and the Haitian people since the team arrived almost 2 weeks ago. There are signs that people are starting to try and get back to normal. They are sweeping and cleaning up the streets. The markets are open. Trash is being put out and picked up. Construction teams are working hard at removing rubble.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray that it will not rain. 2) Pray Erin is able to get good sleep tonight. 3) Pray for Esaie's strength. He is exhausted and ready to be reunited with his family.


Don said...

Dear Erin,

Just a quick note to tell you how proud of you we are. Stay safe and healthy. You are in our prayers, always.

Dad and Mom

CR said...

I'd love to know what make Erin laugh!