Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Not Even For A Second…

Mike blogging for Erin

Happy faces looking for a distraction.

Refugee camp or "tent city".

One month after the earthquake.

After the new MTW Disaster Response team arrived in Haiti Tuesday morning they were taken to the tent city located at the Quisqueya School. They set up camp and unpacked their gear. Erin and Dan took them on a tour of Port au Prince and the Dikini Refugee Camp where they will be serving.

Starting Tuesday morning the team will host daily medical clinics in the Dikini camp. Erin will start off working as the clinic Pharmacist. The new team is complete with two doctors, five nurses and two mental health professionals. The team also has two engineers that have plans of creating a shower system in the refugee camp. Other members of the team have plans to organize a children’s program to help the kids remember how to be kids.

Diarrhea and sickness are running rampant through the aide workers camp. Our MTW teams have been almost immune from such concerns. Erin believes that other aide teams are paying insufficient attention to purifying water and bleaching vegetables and cooking utensils. The MTW team has even been purifying the “purified” water they are given by others. Gotta love that MTW Disaster Response training they received.

The medical clinic the team is setting up will be run in almost the exact way we run our regular clinics in Honduras. Erin’s daily experience in field medicine will benefit the team and the Haitians.

The team is starting each day with a 7:00am devotional and prayer time before they begin work. Everything must point to Christ.

Erin reports that the past 10 days have been the hardest physical and emotional time she has ever had. She said that the hardest part has been the constant visual barrage of death, sickness and destruction, “You just can’t get away, not even for a second. Even if you close your eyes you hear crying, screaming or fighting.” Erin remains eager to serve and she knows this is what God called her to do.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray that the first day of clinic on Wednesday would glorify God. 2) Pray that each member of the new team figures out his or her best way to serve. 3) Pray for energy and endurance for Erin.

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