Monday, February 8, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Rivers Of Filth And Touchdown!

Mike blogging for Erin.

Hooah! U.S. Army delivers the Super Bowl in Haiti.

Super Bowl party in Haiti - Erin and Dan are top left.

Erin's sleeping quarters with mosquito netting.

Erin and her teammate Dan Jenny remain in the relief workers tent city located at the Quisqueya School in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Great news! MTW’s Disaster Response team #2 has beaten the snow on the east coast and found a way to get to Haiti. Team #2 will fly out of Florida very early Tuesday morning. They will fly into Cap-Haitien, Haiti and make the five-hour bus ride south to Port au Prince. Team #2 is a go and Erin does not have to leave Haiti early!

Because team #2 will be arriving a couple days late, it is likely that they will all stay on a bit longer. It is probable that Erin will remain in Haiti until early next week.

Until the team arrives Erin and Dan are resting, cleaning, inventorying supplies, exploring options and establishing a plan. They are trying to determine what would be the best use of the team’s skills. Team #2 has fewer medical personnel then team #1 had.

The U.S. Army set up a little diversion for all of the relief workers yesterday. They set up a projector to allow everyone to watch the Super Bowl. Ironically, Erin’s first Super Bowl party in over 10 years was in Haiti.

There was some heavy rain in Port au Prince yesterday and they are scheduled for more this afternoon. This may sound nice in the hot and humid conditions of Haiti, but rain is bad. Rain, in these conditions, creates rivers of human waste and sickness that more efficiently spreads disease from one location to another. Rain also increases the number of malaria and dengue carrying mosquitoes. These rains will likely increase the sickness and death in Haiti.

Erin and Dan are simply giddy that they will not be pulled out of Haiti early. They are eager to get back in there with team #2 and help the people who desperately need it.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray for the safe travels of team #2. 2) Pray for the health and safety of Erin and Dan as they prepare for their future teammates. 3) Pray for the stress and anxiety of MTW’s thankless Disaster Response coordinators who are making difficult decisions for the relief workers.

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