Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Still In Haiti

Mike blogging for Erin

The busy airport at Port au Prince, Haiti.

Erin and the MTW Disaster Response team are still in Haiti. They arrived at the airport in Port au Prince at 3:30pm Monday. The number of flight options has decreased dramatically in the past week. At one point on Monday evening the team contemplated driving all night to cross the boarder into the Dominican Republic to try to catch a flight from there.

The good news is - thanks to the grace of God and the hard work of the Disaster Response staff, the team has secured a tentative flight leaving Haiti at 1:00pm today. If all goes as planned the entire team will board an Airline Ambassadors International flight bound for Atlanta, GA.

Last night the entire team slept on the tarmac at the airport. They slept on benches and luggage conveyer belts. Jets were coming and going all night. Erin said that, “it was the best nights sleep I’ve ever had on a bench.”

The team has already gone through security this morning and is ready for their flight. This morning they all feasted on crackers and cheese. Erin had saved a military MRE from earlier. She was the queen for the day when she shared her chemical heater with the rest of the team to allow them to heat their instant coffee. Ah, the little things.

These types of relief flights can be a bit unreliable. This blog will be updated later today when and if it is confirmed that the team has landed in Atlanta.

Forecasts call for an extra hot and humid day in Haiti today.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray that the thousands of Haitians impacted by the team see Christ through the team’s actions. 2) Pray that the team is able to take the 1pm flight and that it gets them all safely to Atlanta. 3) Pray the team has a good attitude in the face of continued change and diversity.

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