Thursday, February 11, 2010

Erin In Haiti – How Not To Kill A Fly

Mike blogging for Erin

Erin working at the clinic.

Two beautiful people in need of help.

Erin and the MTW Disaster Response team held a full day medical clinic at the Dikini Refugee Camp on Wednesday. They treated over 100 people. They treated lots of infected wounds, yeast infections and parasitic worms…all common concerns in unsanitary conditions. Erin was the clinic Pharmacist and was able to interact with nearly every patient. In addition to medicine she provided limited Spanish conversations, hugs and smiles to all.

The last patient of the day was a man who had a deep gash on his head that needed lots of stitches. Erin and Dr. Brian treated the man. When they asked the man how he got cut he told them that he was swatting a fly…on his head…wait for it…with a machete. (Editorial note: the author of this post believes that any further comment on this matter…while undoubtedly hilarious…would not best glorify God.)

The clinic had the added benefit of trained mental health professionals. They talked to many people about depression and healthy responses to loss. The team also began providing special attention to every child that entered the tent. Kids received stickers, coloring books, small toys and some constructed bracelets. These types of activities are so important to help victims recover from emotional and psychological damage.

While the team’s bus remained inoperable they were provided free rides to and from their clinic by Crisis Response International (CRI). The MTW team stressed that CRI has been helpful on many issues.

Erin indicated that the MTW team is getting along great and that everyone is healthy. They all know their roles and are pitching in where needed. On Thursday the engineers on the team plan on starting work on constructing showers for the refugees.

Erin is doing great. She has eaten well and received good rest each of the past two days. Her spirits are up and she is enjoying the team and the service they are providing.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray for opportunities for the team to be able to connect with the individuals they serve. 2) Pray for continued good attitudes and health for the entire MTW team. 3) Pray for increased medical supplies.

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