Sunday, February 14, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Seeing The Light

Mike blogging for Erin

Erin taking care of a baby.

Another sick child.

Erin and the MTW team treated 125 patients Saturday. They said it was a tough day and they saw a lot of sick patients including a septic patient, a baby suffering from severe pneumonia and dehydration, several severe STD cases and a baby with severe neurological issues from a congenital infection that has no hope of meaningful long-term recovery.

The team has continued to hold a worship service before clinic in the morning with Esaie preaching and everyone singing songs in Creole and English. The generator was fixed so the team went back to holding clinic in the air tent that has gotten quite hot and smelly.

The team has just started noticing streetlights being turned on when they drive home in the evenings. They have also noticed a slight increase in the availability of electricity.

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that a recent rash of diarrhea is in fact a Salmonella outbreak caused by "bad chicken". They do not know how widespread the problem is. Our MTW team has been very careful with water and food and everyone has remained healthy.

According to the United Nations (UN), over a million people remain homeless in Haiti one month after the earthquake. Over 300,000 are in camps in Carrefour, nearly 200,000 in Port au Prince, and over 100,000 each in Delmas, Petitionville and Leogane. The UN reported that barely one in five of the people in camps have received tents or tarps as of this weak.

There is increasing concern that with the rainy season approaching, the lack of tents and temporary shelter could lead to the outbreak of disease. In the biggest of the camps that sprung up in the city after the earthquake, people are still living under sheeting strung across wooden poles.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray for shelters for Haitian refugees. 2) Pray for the team as they attempt to depart Haiti Monday night/Tuesday morning. 3) Pray for Erin to finish well as she struggles with energy.

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