Sunday, February 7, 2010

Erin In Haiti – Coming Or Going?

Mike blogging for Erin.

Erin working at night.

Erin helping a newborn baby.

One of the many refugee camps.

Erin and the MTW team #2 are in a holding pattern. Erin is sitting in the Quisqueya School in Port au Prince, Haiti awaiting her new teammates. Because of the massive snowstorm hitting the east coast of the U.S., most airports are closed and all flights out of those airports are canceled. Every member of MTW’s Disaster Response team #2 is trying to find alternate transportation options into Haiti. They currently do not know if they are going to be able to make it into Haiti.

MTW and the tireless coordinators of the Disaster Response Ministry are doing everything possible to get these folks into Haiti. However, if no flights are found it is possible that the second team may be forced to postpone or cancel.

Erin and Dan Jenny are sitting in Haiti waiting on the next team to arrive. The organizers do not want to leave Erin and Dan in a state of limbo.

In the next 24 hours the coordinators will be deciding the future of everyone involved. They may pull Erin out of Haiti right away, or they may find alternative means of transportation to get team #2 into Haiti. Everything is surrounded in uncertainty because of the weather.

Erin is tough and flexible. She wants to stay and work, but she is at the mercy of the weather. Erin says that it has been difficult trying to figure out how to prepare herself. Should they pack to leave or continue to prepare for the next team? It is like preparing yourself mentally and physically to run a 10-mile race and when you get to the finish line you are told that you may or may not have reached the end of your journey. She will be ecstatic about any decision that is made. She trusts those making the decisions with her life. They are capable, competent and experienced and Erin awaits her marching orders.

In the training everyone received for this Disaster Response Ministry they were told to be flexible, patient and trust in the Lord. That is exactly what they are all doing.

Prayer needs: 1) Pray that Erin, Dan and MTW’s team #2 maintain a flexible servant’s heart. 2) Pray for the elimination of stress and increase in wisdom of the leadership team as they are faced with massive pressure and anxiety. 3) Pray for the health and safety of Erin and Dan as they await their marching orders.

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Molly said...

I'm praying for you. You are doing an awesome job! It's only by God's grace that you can do the kind of work you are doing in such horrible conditions. I was brought to tears by the story of the man who crawled into the hospital with 2 broken legs. What a blessing to be able to help so many people.