Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I taught an English class on Days of the Week and Months of the Year. After having a fun time yelling out the words, given cards to sort into the proper order (and to take home and practice more), and placing signs with days of the week on the walls, and having people run from place to place to the correct "day of the week" sign - I came home to my husband who stayed one more day in-country, and will be leaving to Colombia tomorrow.

Our team mates, The McCann's have returned after just over two weeks of a restful time with their family, and are ready to jump back into work :-) Although they have been gone, we have continued with all of our ministry work with just Mike and myself. Now Mike will be gone. I'll be continuing our English classes with the assistance of Madison, the McCann's will pick back up the Kids Club, and Sean and I will be doing our mobile clinics. Busy times indeed :-)

Fall is here, but you just wouldn't know it. We continue to swelter, sweat, and wear shorts and have our fans on full-time. A bit difficult to get into the season. However, our decorations are up, I've purchased the turkey, and now we are just waiting and starting to plan for Thanksgiving. Because Madison attends a bilingual school, they actually do celebrate many of the U.S. Holidays. Yes, she is the ONLY North American in attendance in the school, but they DO celebrate Thanksgiving (accion de gracias). So, she has Thursday and Friday off!

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Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary said...

i'm so jealous that you get a nice long thanks giving weekend!!! Enjoy!!