Thursday, November 5, 2009

Colombia, Clinic, and Ida

Mike is currently in Colombia for a leadership conference. After a false start at the hospital, and a one-day delay, he will be there until this Sunday. Then, on Wednesday he will leave to The States for additional meetings.

Today is our weekly medical clinic. We have had an increase of people coming from the mountains. As we are one of the only free medical clinics, people are coming from near and far. The difficulty with this is we are not able to see as many people from Armenia Bonito, as people from outlying areas are coming - the pros are - we are seeing people from unreached areas and are able to pray with them, and provide them with evangelism material.

Hurricane Ida has made landfall in Nicaragua. We are waiting to see what impact it has on Honduras. It is scheduled to arrive still as a Hurricane in a few days. It seems to be veering a bit East, so it looks like we won't get hit with the eye of the storm - but it's sure to bring a lot of rain.

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