Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Travels and the winds of change

Mike is once again off! Off to The States for a couple of meetings, conference, speaking engagements, etc. Madison and I will be the lone women in our house once again. It's all good, but we sure miss him when he's gone. Luckily I have my 110 pound dog to protect us :-) : I know...I know...he sure looks fierce :-)

Taught an English class yesterday solo - Mike has TONS of things to do before he leaves, and Madison had a boat load of homework. So - managed to teach 15 beginners and 2 advanced learners. Had a lot of fun worksheets for them to do with bribes (oh - did I say that?!) - uh...positive reinforcement treats for each sheet the finished. They ALL managed to finish ALL of them - go figure :-)

Tomorrow is prep day for clinic, then Sean and I will be solo for the medical clinic on Thursday. It's always a challenge when we are "short staffed", but we have it down to a science, so prayerfully things will go well.

Last night brought in some much needed rain and a relief to the weather! Can't believe it's November and I continue to sweat, and have to sit in front of the fan...this rain has been a nice relief! I pray it stays through the holidays!