Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just another day

Today seems like just another day. Nothing exciting, nothing unusual - just the normal kind of day. But funny, when looking and reflecting back on your "normal" day - how not so normal, just 2 years ago it really would have been. Started the day with a splitting headache - I know - what's unusual about that? Nothing - but just feeling cruddy! Headache, achy bones, lethargic (NOT the flu), but I had to get up to take Madison to school. Mike is still gone until next week. On the way back I had to pause for 10 minutes while the herd of cows were paraded across the street in front of me on their way to new pastures. Then I went off to pick up a laundry line. But as you can't purchase laundry lines here (not the actual line, but the poles to hook your lines up to), I had to find a welder, and then pay him to have it constructed. My friend Sarah held on to the back of the truck with the pole while I drove back home. Then, as we don't have a shovel, we commenced to dig the hole with a machete. We then made our cement, poured it in said hole - and hopefully by tomorrow it will be good to go! In the meantime - washed clothes, and hung them around the house and over furniture hoping they will dry. Then I prepared all my dozens of boxes for med clinic tomorrow (this consists of re-stocking the medications, making sure I have all the supplies I need - purchase or replace as needed). Then, I input all the patient data from the previous week. I have a database on my computer, but as we have been so short staffed on med clinic days, just the extra time to find the patient and put the data in during clinic is too time consuming. So, I just write everything out and transfer it to my database at a later date. Now I'm off to go pick up Madison from school - as I avoid cows, horses, kids playing on the street, street cart vendors, go to the farmers market for things for dinner, sweat (yes, it's November, but it's still 90 degrees outside), and overall - finish out my day in what has become quite typical for me. Once the cement dries and I have laundry hanging, I'll be sure to post some pics of my new laundry line :-) Ah the little things in life that make me happy.

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