Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Preparation

Thanksgiving is done, the left-overs are almost picked clean, and now it's time for Christmas preparation. Our tradition since before Madison was born was to drive over to a local Christmas tree farm and carefully select our Christmas tree. Each year a different person selected the tree - Mike usually picked the most practical, Madison picked the "prettiest", and I picked the biggest darn tree I could get my hands on :-) Well - as Central America isn't really conducive to growing large amounts of evergreens such as Christmas trees - the ONLY option you have are fake trees. So, begrudgingly, last year, I purchased such a tree. Now, comes the preparation and building of the tree. Cool thing is - a cold front has arrived in Honduras, along with that comes rain. So, instead of putting my Christmas tree together and sweating in the process - we are actually in long sleeves and socks! Yes, it's only 72 degrees, but after living so long in 90+ degree weather (year round) it's a shock to the system for it to be "so cold". We also enjoy the practice of Advent. However, if you think you can find an advent wreath in Honduras, you would be wrong. So, like many other things I'm unable to find here...I make it. Purchased some wire, created the skeleton, bought some candles, some greenry - and wah lah! Advent wreath.

Tomorrow are elections for Honduras. After the increase in bombings and violence, we are opting to stay locked securely in our house for the weekend. Please pray for the people of Honduras - that they vote, they are safe, and that the elections will be recognized around the world. The U.S. has finally stated that they will recognize the elections. This is good news for Honduras indeed!

The "home made" Advent wreath...

Decorations around the house...

Building the tree

final product :-)