Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great Week For Madison

Early in the week we received Madison’s first report card at her new school. She received two Cs and all the rest As and Bs. This was her first time receiving all passing grades while here in Honduras. This is a big deal…don’t forget, half of her classes are in English and half are in Spanish. Her teachers also agreed that her Spanish has improved sufficiently enough that she is no longer required to receive mandatory Spanish tutoring.

She also received special recognition, only one of 5 (out of 50) in 8th grade, for having perfect attendance during the grading period.

There was a highly anticipated school-wide drawing contest. Madison, who loves drawing, drew and entered a special picture for the competition. In all of Jr. High her picture got first place!

Then on Friday the whole school held a costume contest. Madison, dressed in her best wolf costume, received second place in the whole school.


christina said...

You rock!
We miss you
Lukas, Noah, Bob and Christina

Ellie said...

Way to go Madison!