Monday, November 30, 2009

teaching and school

Just a quick update. Had our English class today in the village. Kids Club tomorrow, and this Thursday/Friday/Saturday we will be hosting our second Theological teaching to local pastors and lay-leaders. The theme is on Jesus in the Old Testament. We are looking forward to this with much anticipation, and are hoping for a good turn-out. As there is no postal system like we recognize in the States, Sean and Mike have had to hand-deliver flyers to the local churches in the city. This took 4 full days to get them all delivered. We are excited to see what will come of it.

I am also starting the preliminary research on local schools. Compulsory school only goes up to 6th grade. So, if you want to attend school past that, you have to pay for it. As the majority of the kids out in the Village are barely getting enough money to put food on their table, school is out of reach for these kids, and therefore, their hopes of getting any type of good job is way beyond their reach. It was put on our hearts to see if there was a way to get sponsors for these kids to attend school. So, the research is on to see what monthly tuition, uniforms, school supplies, etc. will cost so we can start getting some sponsors, and getting some of these kids in to school. School starts in February, so we need to get moving so we can register them in January. Please pray for this, for potential future sponsors, and for God to show us which kids to minister to this school year.

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Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary said...

Love your updates Erin! Love your ethic!!!