Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Class Diplopoda (Millipedes)
Order Polydesmida
Family Xystodesmidae
Genus Sigmoria
Species trimaculata (Sigmoria trimaculata)

Bottom line? It's a millipede. You see, when someone decided to build our house, I think they left their level at home. Why? Well, we have about an inch gap at the bottom of our front door - but only on one side. So, we can't place a screen door to keep out critters. This allows plenty of room for things to find their way into our house. I often contemplate the reality of my world. I've never had a bug that's the size of my hand in my life, but somehow I live in that reality. I realize they belong somewhere in someones food chain - I just hope that I'm not included in that chain.

This guy has found his way a few times into our house. One time he made his way into my cupboards, and when my husband finally made his way into the kitchen to find out what the hysterical yelling, flinging of pots and pans across the room was all about. In the end - the bug won. He escaped:

And, if you remember the times I posted this guy who came into our house. After chasing him around our house - throwing sofas across the room (Hulk - eat your heart out), screaming like a wild woman, with my deadly broom raised above my head, convinced (or TRYING to convince myself) that he's more interested in eating bugs than taking a chomp out of my arm - and yet at the same time not wanting to squash him to clean up his shmoshed guts later, I finally swept him outside.

Course then there was the day that a full sized TOAD made it's way to sit harmlessly upon our shoes in the front room, croaking (or whatever they do) looking at us like this was his home and why in the world had WE invaded in HIS space. I'm still not quite sure how that guy made his way in:

And finally there are the tarantulas that come to visit. These guys have managed to come in 4 times...I'm done with them - I sweep them outside after the hair on my arms settles down - convinced that they do better catching bugs and swept outside, than squished underneath the shoe thrown across the room.

Why the bug post? Because with the increase in rains, the increase in the frequency of bugs finding their way into our house. This week alone - one tarantula and 2 millipedes. Let's pray the others don't come around.


RiLes said...

Ack!!! Those give me the heebeegeebees just looking at the pictures...

Ted said...

Pardon me while I pass out . . . . . (Oh my, those are scary looking "bugs".)

The McClain's said...

So funny! I've about had it this week with that we are out of the city...I've entered your world! I've yet to see a tarantula and hope not to ever, but man...things are crazy when you learn to co-habitate with these little critters, huh? Just posted today about interesting little things that are all around us now :) Love you girl! Happy Thanksgiving!