Friday, November 13, 2009

Floods and Fungus

So, this morning while I was quietly sipping my hot coffee (gotta love the rain), doing my bible study, listening to Christmas music (shhhh...don't tell my husband) :-) I was startled out of study to the sound of water being dumped onto some hard surface. Now my first thought was - wow - the storm has come back full-force. However, when I glanced behind my back I noticed there was no rain pouring on our back porch. So off I went to investigate to find that the tank on the downstairs toilet was overflowing and had managed to flood the bathroom floor, the hallway, and started creeping into my kitchen! Are you kidding me?! Now, instead of yelling out any number of beautiful bad words in English OR in Spanish I managed to turn the water off at the tank and asses the situation. Now, my husband is gone, Madison is at school, I'm leaving to go to clinic in 1 hour, not having showered or gotten ready. Hmm...what to do? Leave it as is was my first inclination. However, being the independent, gun shooting, paratrooper, motorcycle riding, patriot missile launcher, mother, wife, nurse, missionary - I was NOT going to let this stupid toilet get the best of me! So, after throwing down 20 towels (okay - only 5), getting the wrench, spare parts, etc. I managed to repair the toilet so you wouldn't have even known there had been a problem (other than the tons of water still on the floor). Ah well - nothing the rest of the day couldn't solve. I was off to clinic afterall, and wouldn't be back until 5pm - plenty of time for nature to take care of itself :-)

Work in progress:

Clinic was a little crazy. LOTS of people - change of weather means lots of cold related issues. Along with that are the increasing amounts of foot fungus, nail fungus and skin fungus that I see on people. Ah the joys of nursing :-) Fortunately, with Mike being gone, we aren't short for helpers. We have had our "regulars" helping us every week - Eduardo on pharmacy, Alicia and Walter on intake. What a blessing indeed!

Deciding on treatment...

Walter and Alicia at intake:

Sean and Eduardo at pharmacy:

People waiting to be seen:

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