Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a busy day for our team. We were separated into many different groups. We had two docs in the hospital in an outpatient area. We had one doc and a surgery nurse in the OR. One group (myself, and Madison and one from the team) walking the area we will be hosting the clinic in handing out flyers and evangelizing. Finally, we had another group on the town looking for wood to purchase to make bunkbeds. We came back in the evening from a dinner out, tired, but happy with our day. All ready to take showers, and we come to find out we have no water. Not an unusual occurrence, but with a house full of people, it's been a challenge! So pray for us. It's just "one more thing", but the comforts of taking a refreshing shower can't be over looked. We will pray that God takes care of those little things to make the team feel better. Today is the same schedule as yesterday. All those individuals spread doing each of their own things.

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