Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Atlantida Public Hospital

This public hospital in La Ceiba, Honduras sees nearly 200,000 patients each year. They are under staffed, under funded and they do not have the resources to treat all the patients. In addition, many of the patients don’t have the funds needed to pay for some of the basic services offered here. This hospital is where the poorest of the poor come to be seen.

One of our many goals is to provide services at this hospital. Our first medical team from the U.S. will be arriving in less then three weeks. This group of doctors and nurses will be working for several days at this hospital to provide treatment for the underserved.

Take a look at this 2 ½ minute video to see what Atlantida Public Hospital is like:

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Ted said...

Great video. No shortage of opportunities. God has placed you well.

Neat song. What is the name of it and who was singing it? (Thanks!)

Congratulations, btw, on getting the house. I/we wish we could help you clean it. I pray the cleaning goes well.