Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner with everyone

Dinner for 10. We are enjoying a time of fellowship everynight with our group of folks here for the week. It has become a a fun time of everyone pitching in where they can. I've prepared the menu for the week, and everyone slices, dices, peels, bleaches fruits and veggies, sets the table, etc. Tonight on the menu was spaghetti, corn bread, and salad. I've put a few "tipico" dishes on the menu, and a few items to remind them of home. I've also shared a few not-so-common fruits such as Lechees (think red and fuzzy). A "fun" find has been the branch of bananas that now hang in our kitchen to grab as you wish.

1 comment:

Moorea said...

I liked your video! Thanks for the complete view of all you have accomplished. God is so good!
I really like the hanging bananas,
you could start a new decorating trend here.