Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Enjoying my Gardin

Each country, of course, hosts it's own type of foliage. I have already shown a picture of my immense lime tree. There are some beautiful flowers in my yard as well. I'll be planting some more as soon as our medical team has gone. They will be arriving in 3 days, so we are neck-deep getting ready for them. We have had computer problems, printer problems, we had a flood in our upstairs bathroom, our pump stopped working (need it to get water pressure to the upstairs), and more. I'm thinking that Satan is working overtime to try and make things as difficult as possible for us. However, we are up for the challenge! Anyway - one thing I have ALWAYS enjoyed in my house is houseplants. I LOVE greenery! We have been blessed with a beautiful yard (more pics later), but for now - enjoy the arrangement from my yard.

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Moorea said...

Flowers to put in a vase! Now that is a blessing to be able to look at all day. Those look like nice hearty flowers- they will last for a while.