Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser

As many of you know, Mike is the biggest loser in our family. As of today it is official. He has lost 50 pounds since we left the U.S. When we left for Costa Rica in August of 2007 Mike was the heaviest weight of his life at 235 lbs. As of today he weighs 185 lbs.

August of 2007

July of 2008

He has gone down four belt loops and his clothes are hanging off of him. The worst part about it all, is he eats whatever he wants…how annoying.


Zoe said...

Get this-Aaron tried for TWO YEARS to gain just 12 pounds. He worked out constantly and did tons of protein. He finally got to his goal weight of 150! Wanna know what 5 weeks in YWAM Maui will do for you? He lost everything he had worked for 2 years to get! I can clearly see that I will be competing with the speed metabolism for the rest of my life. Yippy!

Moorea said...

So I can see it in headlines now- Try the new diet "The Honduras Diet."

elback said...

Tell that boy to hike up those britches!