Monday, July 7, 2008


Just an update post.

Still no house - we are praying for the keys on Wednesday. That's the latest, but we shall see.

I'm changing my name. Sort of. Here, Erin is an unheard of name. Not Latin/Spanish at all. Many people struggle with saying it, and when they can say it, they don't remember it. Think of yourself when you have been introduced to someone with a VERY foreign sounding name. Odds are you mis-pronounce it, and you don't remember it. It's the same here. So - my mother - in some fore-seeing event - chose a Latin/Spanish middle name for me: Teresa. So - henceforth, around here, I will be going by that name. I've now come to introduce myself as Teresa, and said with a Spanish accent it sounds quite nice :-)

Washing clothes in buckets, cooking on an electric skillet, walking or taking taxi's everywhere, all sleeping in our little place. Those things haven't changed. We are getting accustomed to La Ceiba - where things are - where to get things we need. The weather has been on/off HOT. Today, for example, is a nice warmish day. No sweat from me yet. However, I AM writing this at 8:30 in the morning - so we shall see what the day brings.

That's it for now. More pics to come.


Ben said...

I kind of lucked out on the name front - it looks perfectly German, and "Ben" is easy for everybody.

It's a little odd - my last name was (I believe) originally written "Gräber" rather than "Graber." The former is closer in pronunciation to the way I pronounce it in English; the latter is read by Germans as "grah-ber" (rhyming with English father).

So it's a sort of dilemma. Do I call myself "Graber" with German pronunciation, since that's what anybody who's seen it written will expect? Or do I pronounce it like I do in America, which is actually slightly closer to the actual German name it started off as?

If only my ancestors coming to America had had the courtesy to transliterate the name as "Graeber" instead of just dropping the umlaut (the two dots), they'd have made life easier for me in the long run.

Shay & Gwyn said...

We are doing the same thing. We haven't meet a Tico yet that will repeat our name after hearing them. My tutor calls me GG (my initals) so that will be my name and Shay means James so Shay is going to be Santiago.