Friday, July 4, 2008

Here Is The House

For those of you playing the house game the winner was House #2
$550/month…on the largest and busiest street in La Ceiba (good – you can easily get taxis, bad – noisy)…4 bedrooms (master is HUGE and would be used as a dorm room), plus a loft…3 ½ baths…1 of the bedrooms is a separate building in the back with its own bathroom…2 stories…unfurnished…could house 20 short term missionaries with bunks.

We signed the papers, gave a deposit and provided a letter from MTW. We were supposed to get the keys this week. But, due to work that needed to be done on the electrical we will not be able to move in until late next week.

Here is a 5 minute tour of our new home:


Amanda Tippy said...

Excellent choice!!!! Can't wait to see it in person. God bless you.
Jarod, Amanda and Jude Tippy

The McClain's said...

Hey! It looks GREAT! You scored points with Ethan- he asked when we could come to Honduras to stay with you guys!!! :) It looks like it will really be effective in houseing the teams...Glad to know it all worked for you- and it is a great price!

Love you!

Brooke :)

Chris said...

Jen and I think your new house is great... Naomi slept through your video, though. I think it needs more puppets.

Zoe said...

Ok, the house....awesome....the background music to the video, um...??? I would like to reserve a week at the guest house please. Will room service be available? Miss you guys!