Friday, July 11, 2008

Whistle While You Work

Yesterday Madison and I spent six hours cleaning two rooms in our new house. It´s that dirty. Kitchen...check. Madison´s bedroom...check. The house hasn´t been lived in for months and months. So there is lots of dirt and bugs.

Yesterday we purchased 12 beds...two for us and 10 for short term missionaries to sleep in. This morning we have purchased a sofa, refrigerator and coffee table. We have priced and compared everything and are going to the least expensive stores. Mike is working his cheepskate magic and begging for and receiving discounts.

Got a big rain yesterday and noticed that the backyard floods pretty well. But, in that kind of rain anything would flood. One more thing for Mike´s to-do list. Today the internet is supposed to get installed and the workers are supposed to be done with the repairs. They still have a leaking toilet and a few other things to fix.

We will likely be cleaning fulltime for several more days. However, we think that Saturday will be our first night in our new place.

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Zoe said...

That is extremely exciting! Wow guys, you're doin it! I'm like a proud little sister! In terms of the bed....this is what it SHOULD have said: two beds for us, 1 for Zoe McLuhan, and 9 for other people. ;)