Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

Today it's October 1st. Strange. That means it's Fall, my decorations are out. It means rain is coming to Honduras (has come some, but this has been a light year so far?! - At least it seems that way). We have a team retreat this weekend to finalize things with our boss who is coming today. I'm feeling very anxious and I'm not sure why. Almost like it feels like something is out there - waiting to be done - I have too much to do - long lines are bugging me - my house is a mess - I've lost tons of movies (we have a "free" check out of our movies - and 25 over the last year have come up missing...) - have medical clinic today (pray that I feel more at peace). I don't know. My husband thinks that my emotional well-being is closely mirrored to his. When he is calm, I am calm. When he starts to get anxious, so do I. Maybe that's it. He's swamped right now (pray for him!!!). We have SO MUCH planning and execution of things over the next year it feels a bit daunting. It could also be the political turmoil in Honduras. Always wonder - from day to day - what is going to happen. Things are SO FAR AWAY from being resolved, it is so hard to see the end. So maybe that's it. I don't know. Just pray :-)