Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Public Hospital

Gurney's outside

Dr. Carl's exam room

Dr. Carl prepping to start his day

The endless people (over 400) waiting to see a doctor

Walking down - through the hoards of people ahead waiting to be seen.

Today, tomorrow, and three days of next week we have the opportunity to work at the local public hospital. It is the epitome of socialized medicine in a third-world country. There are endless lines, you still have to pay, and little to no resources. Dr. Carl is, however, excited to be there, and provide services to patients who otherwise might not be seen. I acted as his translator for the first part of the day until our translator arrived (he is a student at a local school). To me, this would be a very depressing day - to arrive and see well over 400 patients waiting to see a doctor, gurneys outside because there is no room inside, the overwhelming need of everyone, and the few resources. However, God brings to us what He has for us each day - so we are excited to see how He will use us during this time.

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christina said...

When you are there some more people will get help, what a blessing for those who will get treatment from one of the best nurses I have ever met
Remember all things are possible with God!