Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mobile Medical Clinic

Every Thursday we hold a mobile medical clinic. It's fairly basic. We offer basic antibiotics, vitamins, we check Blood Pressure, blood sugar, lots of health teaching, etc. However, our focus is on the individual. We have grown to know and love many of the people that come, and we often will just sit with them and talk. We pray with them, and offer them encouragement in their daily struggles. It's often times crazy - we get overwhelmed with the number of people who are coming for free medical care and free medication, but it's such a blessing to serve the people in the community. For the next three weeks we have a visiting doctor - Dr. Carl. He will be working alongside me in our medical clinic, and therefore, will allow us to see more people each week. Three other days during the week he will be working in the local public hospital. Please pray for us these next three weeks as we attempt to glorify God in all that we do.

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Jamie Wright said...

"attempt" to glorify God? Girl - you ARE glorifying Him!!! Well Done, good and faithful servant!!!