Monday, October 19, 2009


Just a quick update on what's going on. We had a clinic out in the mountains - about 2 hours away where we served 160 people. This is a struggling church, and it allowed an out-reach opportunity for the local pastor. This weekend the boys (Sean, Mike, and our visiting Dr. Carl) attempted to take some kids from the village to a local soccer game. They took them out to eat, and while they were there, the rainy season finally decided to arrive. A HUGE deluge came, and rained out the game. So - they took them to the movies instead. Seven of the 9 boys had never been to a movie in the theater, so they loved it. This week I will be with Dr. Carl in the public hospital for 3 days, Thursday our normal mobile clinic, then Friday we will be making house calls. On top of that we have some visitors here looking at how Street Children can be implemented in La Ceiba. Let's not forget, we have our other ministries, English class today, Kids Club tomorrow. All this with just the two of us. Our team mates, the McCann's, are in The States for two weeks for some much needed time off. Going to be a busy week! Pray for us as we attempt to keep the ministry going a little short-handed!

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The Clows said...

OH -- I'm ready to be there to help ease some of your work load....AND just because I'm ready to be there --- In God's perfect timing!!!